Thursday, 27 September 2012

John Swannell/BHF/Powell Sisters photoshoot

Back in July I was part of a wonderful photoshoot for a fantastic cause- the British Heart Foundation. We were in an amazing location for the shoot- Artist, Helen David's studio.

Helen created the stunning heart, you see above for BHF's Tunnel of Love party to be auctioned off. 

Lorna and Sarah Powell were an absolute joy to work with. They arrived on the day so excited and up for what the day would bring. They both wanted a fresh flawless look, with Lorna wanting less eye make-up- just enough to define and Sarah wanting more of a cat eye liner to define her eyes. I worked alongside Joe our hairdresser for the day and created beautiful fresh and natural looks.

John Swannell is a legendary photographer and it was a pleasure to watch him work. Below are some of the pictures from the day. I think you'll agree, they are absolutely stunning.

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  1. Ha-ha, fresh flawless look is something we all dream about - and, BOY, you're good at making this dream come true, Alexandra Anne;-)))


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