Thursday, 13 June 2013

A promise

Today's post is not a picture post but more a few thoughts and a promise to all my future bridal bookings out there.

Today I have heard of two make-up artists and hairstylists cancelling on their brides. One I heard of today cancelled this week and the bride gets married Saturday! 

I can honestly say it would have to be very extreme circumstances for me to not honour a booking or have a back-up plan for the bride. It brings me back to a few years ago now, where I managed on the way to a big wedding, trap two of my fingers on my left hand in the car door. Luckily it was my left hand I suppose. I didn't even hesitate- I ran into the petrol station where I had managed to do this, begged the very scared man behind the counter for bandages- wrapped my fingers really tight and on I went to the job. There was no question I wasn't going to make it (had it been my right hand it would have been more difficult, but I would have tried my best!) I worked on 6 lovely ladies for this wedding- I think through pure adrenaline I made it through!

For most brides, hair and make-up is extremely important to get right. The blasé attitude of some "artists" shocks me. To cancel on someone and then not even try to help them find replacements is really unforgivable.

So here's a promise to you all that I will always endeavor to honour my bookings and where circumstances were impossible, I would do everything in my power to get a replacement artist in place.