Sunday, 7 October 2012

Chantecaille Compact Make-Up.

I recently bought a fabulous new powder compact foundation from Chantecaille. I usually wouldn't buy anything from this brand due to the high prices of each product- however I am an Ebay scavenger and I came across a couple of people selling a brand new one, in my exact shade.

It is a wonder product for my skin. I can see why it has such a high price tag. It is like no other powder I have used before. It is lightweight but gives great coverage to my skin. The shade also matches my fair skin perfectly- I use 'Shell'. All too often I find powders are too yellow or dark for my skin despite them being 'fair' or 'ivory' etc. Translucent powder doesn't give me any coverage.

It's texture is like silk on your skin and even when you build it up it doesn't go cakey or powdery. This compact is going to be perfect for my holiday down under, to keep my skin looking beautifully dewy in the summer sun rather than high shine and neon red! Which is sadly how my fair skin will go if it's not protected correctly.

It is also animal derivative and lanolin free, a nice added bonus when you are looking for a luxury product. It retails for £48.00 so it isn't something you would buy on a whim. But if you are looking for a special foundation, then this is it... and if you still can't justify it, there's always Ebay ;)

I'll do a picture post soon using some of these products for you all.. until then...

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