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Dans ma sac de maquillage il y a...

So I previously posted about the skin and hair care I use. Now it's on to the main event- the make-up I use. I am a product junkie. My husband will testify to this. In fact most of my friends who have seen my house will testify to this. I have products in every room in the house, I collect everything from foundations to nail varnishes to primers, eyeliners and everything inbetween. Of course a lot goes into my kit, but I just cant resist trying a lot out on myself. Here are my top products I highly recommend.


I have tried so many over the years and working for different companies meant I would try all of theirs and for years I had used one product. However it was time for a change this year and I have spent the best part of this year trying different products.

I was introduced to Chanel's Vitalumiere by my wonderful friend and make-up artist for my wedding this year Amanda Bell (http://simplythebestinbeauty.blogspot.com/). I decided to treat myself to this at airport before we went on honeymoon. I ended up picking up Vitalumiere Aqua in Shade B10, which is great for fair skins. The Vitalumiere Aqua is also a lighter weight product than the original. I believe in letting my skin breathe and cannot stand cakey, thick or heavy foundations for everyday use. This blends beautifully and leaves my complexion even but still natural. It contains SPF15, so perfect for every day use.

Before I went on honeymoon I was on the hunt for a high SPF tinted moisturiser. We went to California in the peak of summer and spent a lot of our time driving through the desert areas on our way to Las Vegas and in Palm Springs as well as the heat from LA itself. I discovered this Australian brand of tinted moisturiser/foundation by a brand called "HissyFit". It has an SPF50, and is incredibly lightweight and easy to blend. It's coverage is so that you can build it up to use as a concealer as well as an all over base. It protected my skin so well in the intense heat, I cant imagine using anything else when I need the extra sun protection. I use two shades blended together to create my perfect shade- "Nude" and "Light". If you are really pale I recommend going for Nude or Alabaster.

Concealer and Highlighters

In San Francisco, I wandered in to a large branch of Sephora in Union Square, leaving my new husband to browse shops nearby. I was accosted by a Dior national make-up artist. Normally I would run a mile from anyone grabbing me in a busy store for a "make-over". However I was jet-lagged and San Francisco was rather cold (considering we had only packed for a lovely hot Californian summer) so I decided to take a seat and let them work their magic so to speak. The foundation and bronzer were okay but didn't wow me. However she used the Dior Backstage SkinFlash: Radiance Booster Pen to brighten up under my eye area (which was needed!). It lifts the colour and reflects the light from under the eyes and is a great eye brightening tool. It is as good as it's more famous counterpart YSL Touche Eclat and both are a similar price.


Now for a budget buy. I first got this an 'emergency' in Las Vegas. Nothing I was using could keep the shine away in the intense heat. So as a last ditch attempt I went into a CVS Pharmacy near our hotel... (the fabulous Rumor), and I found Cover Girl's Trublend Minerals Pressed Powder. It was $9.50 and so I figured if it wasn't any good, it wasn't wasting my money. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a fantastic product. I use my powder brush rather than the pad provided as I prefer the finish. It leaves the skin matte with a slight dewy finish where you want it. I loved it so much when my parents went out to New York in September I asked for two more to keep me stocked up for a while. I use shade "Translucent Fair"

For everyday use I use Pixi Beauty's Sheer Cheek Gel. This is an oil free aloe vera and water based cheek and lip stain. It glides on easily and creates a natural flush on your cheeks. Great for every day use. I currently use "Flushed" however if you are a little scared of colour on your cheeks I would go for "Natural". Pixi has it's own boutique in Carnaby Street or it's website Pixi Beauty


Chanel Ecriture De Chanel: Automatic Liquid Eyeliner in Anthracite. A metallic grey liquid liner. Looks fantastic day or night and so easy to use! No more needs to be said.

However when I need something with more staying power. Nothing can beat Pixi's Gel Liner - I like Shade 2: Sapphire. It's an inky blue liner that is truly waterproof. I've washed my face with water (when slightly... inebriated) and it didn't budge- everything else on my face did...just not the liner. You will need an oil based cleanser to remove it- Either that or lightly rub some vaseline onto the liner (use a cotton bud) and that should loosen it enough to remove it.


I have tried a fair few over my time and I use all kinds, all brands and all prices of mascara. Each have their own pro's and con's. However there are two which I have in my my-up bag which I love

The first is once again from Pixi is their Lash Booster Mascara. This is utterly waterproof, lengthens lashes and doesnt crumble over your face as the day wears on. I wore this swimming in Center Parcs so it has been well and truly tested. It is my only mascara I use on brides as it's the only one I trust not to run what so ever. It also contains Vitamin E in the formualation so it really nourishes your lashes. Again you will need an oil based cleanser to remove this mascara, if you don't have this then rub a tiny amount of vaseline into your lashes using your finger tips and this will loosen it. Make-Up Wipes WILL NOT WORK. So don't try- you'll just make your eyes sore!

The second mascara is a relatively new one I have tried, Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara- Really quite ridiculous name, but actually a very nice product. It has two brushes, as the name says- one for day and one for night. The daytime brush is the best, it separates the lashes out and really lengthens them, and even reaches those hard to reach inner lashes. The night time brush adds a lot of volume to your lashes, so when you are wearing quite an intense evening look it really makes your lashes stand out. It again doesnt crumble when wearing it, so is an ideal product when wearing it for a long period of time! This particular product is not waterproof so don't risk it if you're going to a wedding ;) (or feeling particularly tearful that day!)


Finally a couple of lip products I love!

The ultimate lipgloss Pixi Lip Booster. I have yet to find anything that surpasses the finish this gives. It is ultra glossy, non-sticky and smells lovely too. It's also not half bad for your lips! Over time it improves the fullness of your lips, restoring collagen. It also contains real strawberry extract, which is why it smells so lovely. The ultimate shade is Leanen. Goes with any skintone, glossy, translucent with a hint of pink. Beautiful!

Lipstick is something I myself have only recently started wearing on a more regular basis and I have my ultimate shade in Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. I wear shade 'Bonheur' a sheer pinky-berry red that is so hydrating and lightweight! It doesn't last on the lips very long so it is something that I have to re-apply.

When I want something long-lasting, I straight away turn to Pixi's Lip Blush. Since this product was released there have been many copycats and now every brand does this felt tip sort of lip stain. This is one is the best. My favourite shade is "Happiness". It is a deep raspberry red and instantly makes you feel more glamorous wearing it!. It draws onto your lips like a felt tip. You must make sure your lips are completely dry and grease free- no lip balm before you apply! Otherwise you ruin the nib and it will be useless. I apply once all over my lips and let it dry (just a few seconds). I then reapply all over to ensure ultra long staying power! This will last through eating and drinking (and kissing) and should last on your lips up to eight hours. Once completely dry, apply any gloss or lip balm you like, or you can leave it matte.

Finally an amazing versatile product that keeps my lips from cracking in winter- Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Lip Protectant. Vitamin E keeps lips hydrated and soft and I so far have managed to avoid cracked lips for winter!

Please feel free to ask me for any recommendations, or if you have any questions about products and make-up techniques and I will be happy to answer them on my next update!


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