Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Scent blending in Palm Springs

"Happiness is the perfume of the heart, the harmony of the heart which sings" - Romain Rolland

Whilst in Palm Springs this year I came across a shop which was my own personal heaven. Sinfulicious is a Bath, Body and Scent store where you can customise all your own products with a personalised scent. The first things you do when you go is blend a fragrance. You can choose from over 200 different scents ranging from Chanel No. 5, Tuberose, Key Lime Pie to Vera Wang Princess or Patchouli. The staff run through different combinations of these scents until you find your ideal frangrance
If the idea of going through these 200 plus essential oils and fragramces overwhelms you, you can simply tell them what you normally wear along with some of your favourite smells and they will blend it together for you.

Once this is done you then can choose from the following items to create your own personalised scent. Scrubs
Lotions, Perfumes, Body Wash's Shampoo, Conditioners, Foaming Milk Bath, Shaving Gel, Hydrating Body Mist, SPF 50, 40% Shea Butter, Bath, Body and Massage Oils.

I'm not telling you exactly went in to my personal scent- that's my secret! However I will tell you what I ended up getting for myself. Due to weight restrictions on our suitcases coming home, I had to choose carefully. In the end I went for a roll on fragrance and a body oil in a matching scent. Roll on scents are ideal for travelling and easy to keep in your hand bag. The body oil is so moisturising and smells amazing. The best time to put it on is after you have had a shower.

They custom blend products for men too and my husband even got his own personalised cologne. (He had to find something to do whilst I was choosing products!)

There are so many products I wish I could have bought to bring home. They do an amazing mineral body scrub and a fantastic shea butter body moisturiser. Sadly at the moment they do not ship abroad (believe me I asked!). They have three stores at present in California so if you are ever in San Diego, Newport Beach or my all time holiday destination Palm Springs you need to go in here!!

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