Thursday, 24 November 2011

A few of my favourite scents...

I don't wear one specific perfume, but I do have a few favourites..

My first is my signature scent that I wore on my wedding day. It is a Bath and Body Works Fragrance and the scent is "Vanilla Noir". Sadly it has been discontinued and I used the last of the fragrance on my big day. I searched high and low in America for another bottle but to no avail. Whenever I wore this I always felt so glamorous and beautiful, which is something a good scent should have the power to do for you.

"Vanilla Noir" has the scent of Madagascan vanilla into aperfume made of dark vanilla beans, black plum, bergamot and dark, seductive musk. Top notes include black plum, exotic dark berries and bergamot  and then blossoms with gardenia, carnation, vanilla-orchid and tuberose and it's base notes incorporate vanilla beans, toffee, cinnamon sticks and sandalwood.

I am forever searching for a scent like this one to replace it, so please if anyone knows of something like it I would be eternally grateful

My next is J'adore L'eau. I tried this version of the original J'adore as I loved the original but when I smelt this I thought it was just beautiful. It combines the original and traditional Neroli/Bergamot Cologne and adds Magnolia. When I wear it, it makes me feel very fresh, awake and beautiful. The bottle is so classic and looks beautiful on your dressing table. A classic with  a twist that you need to try.
My final fragrance is a lust after scent. I sadly do not own it, but it is definately on my wish list. It is a scent by Le Labo, available exclusively in Liberty's. It is described as 'a modern alternative to old-fashioned traditional floral signatures'. It features musk, sandalwood and vanilla. I love it as it starts with a subtle citrus note, with neroli and a touch of orange blossom. You then experience the beautiful and delicate Jasmine scent and it finishes with Amber, musk and Sandalwood base notes. Note to everyone! I LOVE THIS. Unfortunately Le Labo is more on the pricey side, £132 to be precise. So I may have to wait for this special treat for a special occasion... or when I can treat myself ;)

In tomorrows post I will discuss the men's fragrances that I adore.....

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