Saturday, 7 April 2012

Back to the Sixties

I absolutely love the fashion and the style of the 1960's. I got my chance to indulge in this last weekend at a 50's and 60's night for charity in aid of the local hospice here in Medway. Here are just a few pictures. My husband and I decided to go as mods, or a variation of this as we already had quite a few of the items required for this look!

I wore three different sets of lashes on my eyes- two on top and then I trimmed a pair down to wear on the lower lashes. I used the usual suspects of products including my Chanel vitalumiere foundation, Laura Mercier secret concealer, Pixi Gel Liner and Givenchy blusher.

I went very much for an interpretation of the pop art mod look with my eye make-up. Believe me this is more difficult than it looks to get it perfectly neat in the crease of your eye socket. My hair was rather helpfully already cut very much into a mod style. Annette chose to do this when I decided to dye my hair back to it's natural shade and I love it- very easy to style and looks 'done' as soon as I blow dry it!

My complete outfit (to the right). My dress was from Closet at Dorothy Perkins and was a last minute change from a more hippyish dress I had originally purchased. My tights were from House of Holland for Pretty Polly (and yes I got a fair few "you've got a ladder in your tights"). My shoes are a purchase from New Look many years ago, they always seem to come in handy when I least expect it-Grey, Lace up ribbon heeled brogues.

I'll try not to leave it so long between posts for you all xxxx

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  1. That's a great outfit! The eye make-up especially looks amazing, lashes definitely make it look like a brill finished product :D

    Hope you enjoyed your evening.


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