Monday, 31 October 2011

Beautiful Skin...

So here's a little insight in to some of my favourite products I am using right now

I recently went into Boots to look for some new skincare. I really enjoy trying new products and am on that neverending search to find the perfect products for my skin.

I discovered the brand Super by Dr N V Perricone. I know N.V Perricone from his more high end range of skincare and treatment, when I did some freelance work for them in Liberty so I know his products are fantastic and really do work. I decided to go for one of the Super Kit's, which include a cleanser, eye cream and moisturiser. I have to say it is some of the most amazing skincare I have used.

The eye cream really does what it says it will do- it brightens, hydrates and firms. It even worked on my eyes after two rather heavy nights out in a row!

The moisturiser blends seamlessly into the skin, and leaves it feeling nourished and extremely hydrated (which with my skin is a miracle in itself!). It's also great for sensitive skins as it has very little fragrance to it

The cleanser is just a really lovely soft cleanser with Acai extracts. It even removes my waterproof eye make-up which is a nice surprise, considering it is so gentle on the eyes and skin!

All in all the kit is £45, which is a massive saving on buying the products individually. If you have sensitive, dry skin I cannot recommend enough to you to give these products a try. I will definately be going back to try some more from this amazing range.

I also am a huge fan of Kiehls ( skin and hair care, and in particular I use their Midnight Recovery Oil on my skin at night time. It is paraben free, and contains Squalane, Evening Primrose Oil and Lavender. Using just a couple of drops overnight on my skin, leaves it soft and hydrated overnight. A bottle is around £36, but it lasts ages. It was a lifesaver for my skin on honeymoon where we would be going from the hot sunshine in 40 degree heat in the desert to cold air conditioning blasting out indoors. 

You may be noticing a trend in the products I use. Everything is extremely hydrating, both for my skin and hair. Because I suffer from an underactive thyroid, it's extremely important for me to use good quality products that work. My skin, nails and hair are extremely dry and/or brittle. I have finally found a shampoo that keeps my hair soft and shiny and doesnt leave a greasy finish. Kiehls Olive Fruit Nourishing Shampoo, it contains Avocado Oil, Lemon extract and Olive Fruit Extract. It repairs my hair and keeps it shiny and healthy. It comes in three different sized bottles but the largest bottle is the most economical. 500ml is £26. I use the matching conditioner and for 200ml it costs around £18.50. It stops a lot my hair breaking off and it's not a miracle worker, but it is damn good.

I know a lot of the products I recommend are on the pricier side, however for myself it is important to invest my skin and haircare. I would rather invest in this than buy myself all the latest gadgets for myself as for me beauty and skincare really is my passion.

Next time I'll fill you on my everyday essentials I use in my own personal make-up bag...